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Our heritage can be traced back to the early days of banking where trusted members of a community would take care of everyone's valuables. For more than four generations, the highly regarded Jain family (our founders) has held these positions, gaining the trust and respect of many thousands of customers from all around the world.

Four Generations Of Expertise

As each generation takes a bigger and bolder step forward, our master jewelers become more skilled and our operations become more efficient, bringing the cost of owning diamond jewelery within the reach of all. It is this sense of fairness that drives our business and helps us deliver affordable, ethical, high-quality diamond jewelery(Rings,Earrings,Pendants,Bracelets) to everyday people in more than 70 countries around the world. In turn, these principles have seen our brand grow into one of the most trusted and respected diamond jewelers in the world.

1st Generation

The Jain family is trusted by local communities as the preferred bank for people wanting to secure their treasures, jewelery, valuables and money.

Heritage First Generation
Heritage Second Generation

2nd Generation

Building on the reservoir of trust built up within communities, the Jain family start crafting beautiful jewelery for local people wanting to express their love.

3rd Generation

As the third generation of the Jain family business takes the helm, jewelery design is taken to a new level, as precious stone, diamonds and platinum are used for the first time.

Heritage Third Generation
Heritage Fourth Generation

4th Generation

The most recent generation of the Jain family takes the business global with the Diamonds Factory brand becoming one of the most loved and trusted purveyors of quality jewelery.

Be Part Of Our Future

Whilst our story is still being written, we hope that you will be part of our future and become one of the 50,000 + happy customers whom we have had the pleasure of serving. If you require any further information about our heritage, please do get in touch with our Customer Care Team on 0207 138 3672 0207 138 3672 , or enter into a Live Chat