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10 Holiday Destinations To Propose

20th May 2016

by Tara W.

The proposal and the perfect holiday are one of life’s greatest combinations. Many people we talk to have to get their engagement rings ready by a certain date, which is almost always the holiday that they’ve booked. While that makes things more challenging for us, we’re always thrilled to hear from all of you when you’ve made that moment of your life. We’ve heard from plenty of you who have proposed in some of their favourite destinations, and some of our own favourites too. 

1. The Shard, London

Holiday Destinations - The Shard London

We pass it almost everyday. The shard represents the status of pure luxury that we’ve come to both and love hate about London. If your partner has expensive tastes, or proudly identifies with all things that make up London, this might be the best one for you. Bonus points if The Shard was a location in one of your previous dates too. 

2. New York, Central Park

Holiday Destinations - New York, Central Park

Another iconic location, the Central Park has been featured in films so many times that we’ve lost count. On a nice day, Central Park would be a perfect location for a proposal, and with the power of the sentimental American crowd at your disposal, it would make for a pretty spectacular public proposal; you’d almost definitely get a crowd of applause. 

3. Kyoto, Japan 

Holiday Destinations - Kyoto, Japan

While Japan has traditionally been associated with the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, going to Kyoto evokes much more of Japan’s rich past. It’s often the place of choice for those that want the full traditional Japanese experience, with white kimono and sake wine intact. With beautiful architecture and cherry blossom flowers, this historic location can make for a completely memorable proposal. 

4. Dubai - UAE 

Holiday Destinations - Dubai, Uae

There’s so much to do in Dubai that time will probably become an issue. Besides the sweltering weather which makes it a perfect excuse for swimwear, the desert safari that hikes you into the middle of the desert with a midnight barbecue might serve well for the proposal. Or you could go somewhere really expensive…whatever works for you. 

5. Marrakech - Morocco

Holiday Destinations - Marrakech, Morocco

While slightly similar to Dubai, you might Marrakech to be slightly more grounded. There’s plenty of memorable outdoor events classic desert safarisFlying by air balloon over Morocco, or showering your loved ones with gifts from the classic souks - finding a quiet spot in earthily beautiful Marrakech will make the proposal and the holiday have a distinct, and unforgettable flavour. 

6. Queenstown, New Zealand

Holiday Destinations - Queenston, New Zealand

Totally wrapped in nature, Queenstown has its rich mountain vistas and beautiful landscapes to reel you in; after all, this was where Lord of the Rings was filmed. Riding in a “luge” (which is kind a smaller, thinner go kart which you control with handles on the side) gives you some great fun. Then you can ride the gondola to the highest position for a breathtaking view 

7. Oahu, Hawaii 

Holiday Destinations - Oahua, Hawaii

While Oahu is often a favourite, you could probably go all over Hawaii and it would still be an amazing experience. Famous for its beaches, this is probably the most iconic spot if you wanted to pull off a beach proposal. Or you could propose next to a volcano, if you’re brave enough. 

8. Big Sur, California 

Holiday Destinations - Big Sur, California

The land of opportunity and glamour, we often turn to dreams of California in our times of need when we need a bit of an uplift. And while California is plentiful in its glamour and nightlife, it might be worth giving all of that a break for a quiet moment in Big Sur before returning to the party, ring on finger. 

9. Paris - France

Holiday Destinations - Paris, France

You knew this one was going to come didn’t you? If the city and language of love is for you, then Paris is already on your list. There’s plenty to see and do, and being so close to home is a big plus, perfect for those that have very busy lives to get back to but want to escape the UK for a while. 

10. Venice - Italy 

Holiday Destinations - Venice, Italy

Another great choice, as well as Florence, Italy has got the passion and the food to match for another holiday near home that will feel like further than it should be. While proposing on a gondola might seem a bit scary, you might find it worth the risk as you sail through the city peacefully. 

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