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20 Unique Proposal Ideas that WOW!

5th March 2020

by Tara W.

20 Unique Proposal Ideas That WOW!

Looking for unique proposal ideas that will WOW your significant other? Carry on reading for our top 20 ideas that are certain to make the moment unforgettable.

1. Holiday proposal 

Without a doubt, one of the most popular ways to propose is on holiday. Whether it be the sun, sea and sand that takes your fancy, hiking up the highest mountains or taking to the snow in search of reindeer, there are so many great ways to impress your loved one with a destination proposal.

2. Zoo/aquarium proposal 

If they love animals, why not enlist in the help from the keepers at the zoo or aquarium? You could ask for a diver to hold up a sign in one of the fish tanks or plan to feed your favourite animals before getting down on one knee.

3. Fairground proposal 

Take them for the ride of their lives by popping the question at a fairground. Not only is this a fun and memorable way to propose, but you can surprise your partner by having their friends and family waiting at the bottom. We recommend choosing a ride that is slow moving so that you don’t lose the ring.  

4. Dinner proposal

Dinner proposal

Have a favourite restaurant that you both love? Whether you are both foodies or simply like the romantic notion of popping the question during a candlelit dinner, a dinner proposal can be a great way to propose.

5. Airport proposal 

Surprise your significant other at the airport with a proposal they will never forget. Agree to meet them and use a big sign to ask the question when they arrive. Alternatively if you are planning on flying with them, you could ask the pilot or air hostess to help with an in-air proposal.

6. Recreated first date proposal

What better way to propose than by reminiscing on all of the good times you’ve spent together? Take them to the place that you had your first date, get down on one knee and let them know you would like to spend the rest of your days together.

7. Hot air balloon proposal 

Hot air balloon proposal

Take your love to new heights and arrange a hot air balloon ride for you and your significant other. Choose the time of the day carefully, sunrise or sunset works best, so that you can admire the beautiful view before getting down on one knee.

8. Foodie proposal

Nothing says “I love you” more than a heart shaped pizza. Which is why we think that a foodie proposal is a great choice. If you’re in a restaurant, ask them to write the question on the dessert or why not slip the ring into a glass of champagne (just make sure they don’t drink it!? There are so many great foodie options, just get creative!

9. Kids and animals proposal 

If you are going for the cute factor, there is nothing sweeter than enlisting the help of your baby or furry friends. Put babies into a t-shirt, with the question written on their chest, or add the ring to your pet’s collar. We think there is no chance that they could say no to a proposal like this!

10. Boat proposal 

For a romantic and intimate setting, why not take to the water? Whether that be in a canoe, rowing boat or speed boat, a proposal on the lake in summertime is certain to be a memorable one. This also works for when you are on holiday too! 

11. Fortune cookie proposal 

If fate brought you both together, why not pop the question with a fortune cookie? Surprise them at the end of a Chinese meal with a fortune cookie that says “will you marry me?” inside. 

12. Love song proposal 

If you’re musically inclined, why not use your talent to secure yourself a “yes” when you pop the question? Write them a song and serenade them before getting down on one knee with the ring. Not only will your loved one be impressed, they will also be lost for words.

13. Hiking proposal 

Hiking proposal

Ask them to take a hike - no, not literally! If you and your significant other are both fitness addicts and love nothing better than exploring, why not take a hike up the highest mountains. Once you are at the top, make sure you take in the extraordinary view before surprising your loved one by getting down on one knee.

14. Jigsaw proposal 

Create your own jigsaw proposal message. Not only is this a fun way to propose but it also builds up suspense as your loved one is piecing together the puzzle. When they finally see the message, they are certain to want to post it all over their social media.

15. Concert proposal 

Not for the shrinking violets among us, if you are into grand gestures then why not arrange a proposal at your favourite concert or stage show? Simply get in touch with the venue or management ahead of the event to ask if you can get on stage to pop the question - most would be happy to oblige.

16. Skywriting proposal 

Confess your love to the world by arranging a skywriting proposal. Hire a skywriter to create your personalised message in the sky. Your loved one will be lost for words when they see this bold and romantic gesture.

17. Treasure hunt proposal

For a proposal that is both fun and adventurous, why not set up a treasure hunt? Try scattering clues for your loved one to solve, it can be around the house, in your neighbourhood or even on holiday. The last clue should be the ultimate surprise where they will find you and the engagement ring.

18. Video proposal 

Video proposal

Create a video of yourself proposing, this can be any way you choose, just make sure it is personal and romantic. Catch them off-guard by saying “have you seen this funny video?”, they will never guess you are about to propose...

19. Crossword puzzle proposal 

For a proposal they would never suspect, why not create your own crossword puzzle with some of the answers spelling out a proposal?

20. Surprise picnic proposal 

Surprise picnic proposal

Everyone loves a picnic and you can get really creative with this proposal idea. Decorate with flowers, balloons or candles for added romance and be certain to pack the champagne.

So you have the idea, now all you need is the perfect ring to match. Find their dream engagement ring in store or online.