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7 Diamond jewelry Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

8th February 2016

by Tara W.

Heart Shaped Valentine Ring

A very special piece from our store featuring a 1.75-carat heart-shaped diamond in platinum, valued at over £10,000. 

Take it from us; we see a lot of excitement around Valentine’s Day for people looking for something to completely astonish their partners. And whether that’s a proposal, or you’re surprising your existing other half, here’s a short list of ideas in order to start the ball rolling. 

1. Round Stud Earrings

Round Stud Earrings - Valentine

A pair of our very popular diamond stud earrings, with a beautiful floral design at the back. Prices range from £300 - £30,000.

No matter what time of year it is, a pair of stud earrings are a common theme across many jewelry collections around the world. They are simple, elegant, and depending on the size that you go for, you could either have a smaller pair of earrings that are minimalistic and understated or a larger pair (with the same design) and they would look like pure luxury. Just a tip though, the chances are that your partner already has a pair of these; try to find what they’re wearing and give them a complete upgrade. 

2. Side Stone Pendant Solitaire

In a similar vein to the stud earrings, a diamond pendant is a great accessory, particularly if you’re going to fancy parties and you need something grandiose to match. This particular one in the photo above has a nice little side stone embellishment that gives it a bit more texture. 

Solitaire Side Stone Pendant  - Valentine

A stunning classic solitaire pendant. The single diamond is further emphasised with the side stone diamond accent. Prices range from £300 - £30,000.

3.  Rose Gold Half Eternity 

Rose gold has been trending for a while now and looks really good in a number of different designs. We especially like the half eternity for a few reasons, firstly because pave setting gives you a row of smaller diamonds that sit nicely on the hand; not too bold yet striking enough to be noticed casually. It’s a great gift that your partner can use to stack with other rings or to add to their (no doubt quickly growing) jewelry collection. Half eternities are also good because they can be resized, unlike their full eternity cousins. Take care when you’re sizing that ring! 

Rose Gold Half Eternity - Valentine Ring

We love mixing the warmth of rose gold with sparkling diamonds into a half eternity design. Prices range from £300 - £3100. 

4. A Cute Diamond Charm

You may have wondered what these little things are used for; you can add them to existing bangles or necklaces as an extra finish. With beautiful and intricate designs accented by sparkling diamonds, your partner can mix and match. Why not take your gift to the next level and craft your own bangle using different types of materials and objects? 

Diamond Charm

This charm can be used to customize a bangle or necklace as you like. Prices range from £100 - £254.

5. Circle Diamond Pendant

A circle usually emphasises the idea of the infinite, which is the underlying idea behind rings and jewelry in general. We love the delicate and overlapping circular designs, fitted delicately with small diamonds for added style. 

Circle Diamond  Pendant - Valentine

A delicately designed diamond pave pendant with half spirals to create a subtle optical illusion. Prices range from £300 - £615.

6. Circle Pave Earrings

Want to match the above pendant with a striking pair of earrings? These are the ones. 

Valentine Pave Earrings

Get a pair of matching earrings, prices range from £277 - £770.

7. Heart Shaped Engagement Ring 

If you’re feeling brave, and ultimately you’re doing it because you have to, then a Valentine’s Day proposal with a heart-shaped ring might be the one for you. We recommend going especially for a larger stone (might cost you a bit) so that you can bring even more emphasis to the heart shape. 

Heart Shaped Engagement Ring - Valentine

Like this design? View our heart shaped engagement rings in our store. Prices are updated daily and can change.