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What is the best diamond cut for an engagement ring

28th July 2017

by Tara W.

Diamond Cut For Engagement Ring

When considering a diamond engagement ring, you’ve probably deliberated heavily over the shape – referred to as the cut by many, although this is actually the way in which the diamond is finished and how it reflects light. According to our recent research, the classic solitaire diamond is the most popular shape for many people in 2017 so far, with 51% of people purchasing this traditional style for their engagement rings!

Let’s take a closer look at diamond shapes and the features of each one, which might help when making that all important purchase:

Classic solitaire: Also referred to as a round brilliant, this classic diamond shape is loved by many and is ideal for those who want an easy to wear piece of jewelry that still sparkles beautifully. Round diamonds never go out of fashion, so you can’t really go wrong.

Round Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

Princess: Another popular shape, the princess is a square cut diamond that is best for those who love a little extra glitz and glamour.


 Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Marquise: With the ability to make fingers look slender and long, this diamond shape is loved by those with smaller hands looking for an elegant style.

 Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


Emerald: this rectangular shaped diamond offers stunning sparkle and reminds people of the large gems seen in royal jewelry and aristocratic designs.

Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Pear: Another diamond with the ability to elongate fingers, this shape also makes most diamond cuts sparkle brilliantly in the light.

Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Heart: Best reserved for those true romantics who want a statement piece of jewelry, heart shaped diamonds are pretty but most commonly seen in pendants and bracelets rather than engagement rings. Although, Lady Gaga did famously have one during her engagement to Taylor Kinney so the style could see a resurgence in popularity.

Heart Shaped Engagement Ring

Oval: Diamonds in this shape have the ability to offer a great deal of brilliance – this is when the diamond is cut in such a way that it reflects a lot of light, making it sparkle more.

Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Radiant: These diamonds are a combination of round shapes and emeralds, great for those prefer elegant, classic styles.

Radiant Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Asscher: This shape has a retro feel about it, reminding us of 1920s Art Deco shapes and with a deep cut it reflects a great deal of light making it a beautiful stone.

 Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


Cushion: This diamond shape has been around for hundreds of years and is a popular alternative to a classic round.

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

What are considered the best diamond cuts for engagement rings?

A diamond cut is what determines its grading and therefore the price it is sold for. When cutting a diamond, the idea is to cut it to ensure the most amount of light is reflected. There are three types of cuts: shallow, ideal and deep.

A shallow cut is one of the least sought after as the light is not reflected and simply passes through the diamond. A deep cut is similar but a little light is sometimes reflected back up. An ideal cut is when light enters the diamond and is reflected back up. These all determine how the diamond sparkles in the light and is one of the biggest factors when people are choosing their engagement rings. 


Diamond cuts are graded in five types:

·      Ideal or excellent cut – This diamond reflects almost all the light that enters it.

·      Very good – This diamond reflects a large amount of light but is lower in price.

·      Good – This is the most affordable option but the diamond still offers plenty of sparkle.

·      Fair – This diamond reflects a small amount of light but is one of the most affordable.

·      Poor – This diamond cut will come with a very low price tag but won’t sparkle as brilliantly as others.


You can read more about diamond cuts and grading on our education page, click here to find out more.