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What Engagement ring looks best on your finger?

9th December 2019

by Tara W.

Engagement Rings 

While you shouldn’t limit yourself on anything other than budget, when it comes to shopping for an engagement ring many of us want a piece of jewelry that is going to flatter our hands and that we will love to look at forever more. It’s important you feel good when wearing your engagement ring and there is nothing wrong with looking for a style that complements your best features.

If you’re looking to purchase an engagement ring but want to take your finger length and hand size into consideration, then we’ve put together a helpful guide on what ring would look best to help when making your choice:

What to consider when choosing an engagement ring and finger size

There are some important things to consider when it comes to choosing the right ring for your finger size as many of us look for a ring style that will flatter our hand shape and finger length. Make a note of these:  

·      The shape and size of the stone – the bigger the stone, the larger the ring will appear making it preferable for those with longer fingers.

·      The width of the ring band – for shorter fingers a thicker ring band will take up more of the surface area, which can make fingers look even shorter. Thinner bands, therefore, are preferable.

·      The typical length of your nails – longer nails give the illusion of longer fingers meaning they can cope with larger stone shapes and thicker bands.

While that might feel like a lot to think about, on top of actually choosing a ring you like, it’s important if you want to find a style that truly complements your finger and hand size. Let’s take a look in more detail…

Best engagement rings for long fingers

When it comes to choosing a ring, if you have long fingers you won’t feel restricted on choice. The best engagement rings for long thin fingers are those that accentuate the length already there and ring shapes that may seem harder to wear, easily suit anyone with longer length hands and fingers. These include:

·      Princess cuts – the square shape can make some people’s fingers look shorter, but on long hands, they work well.

·      Halo – rings featuring lots of diamonds and plenty of stones complement long slender hands.

·      Emerald – this straight edged stone shape looks incredible on longer length fingers and larger carat sizes work well.

Band size:

Any band size will work on long, slender fingers. Thicker bands are ideal for those who want more ring for their money and a bolder look.

Metal type:

Those with longer fingers can enjoy any metal type for their engagement ring band, from darker yellow gold to on trend rose gold.

Best engagement rings for short fingers

If you have short fingers, you perhaps want an engagement ring that makes them appear longer. If this is the case, the following stones are the best choice:

·      Marquise – the pointed ends and slender shape make fingers appear longer.

·      Pear – the teardrop shape and pointed end tricks the eyes.

·      Oval – a stretched round shape can extend a finger’s appearance.

Engagement Rings - Short Fingers

Band size:

Thicker bands will take up more space on fingers - making them appear shorter – so it’s best to opt for thin ones.

Metal type:

Bright, white metals are the best choice so go for white gold and platinum. They draw eyes away from the finger itself to focus on the ring as well as being the ideal choice for those who like to mix and match their looks and need jewelry that works with every fashion choice they make.


Best engagement rings for small hands

Smaller rings work best on small hands, so they don’t overwhelm them and keep fingers looking dainty. The best diamond shapes for smaller hands include:

·      Round brilliants - this classic stone shape won’t dominate smaller hands and is ideal for those looking for a traditional engagement ring look.

·      Small oval shape diamonds - these are the best choice with thinner bands to complement the stone’s size and as noted above can make fingers appear longer.

Engagement Rings - Small Hands

Band size:

Thinner bands are the best choice for smaller hands, to ensure the metal does not dominate the finger and the ring still looks dainty with a smaller stone.  

Metal type:

An easy to wear metal color such as white gold is a good choice for those who want to draw eyes away from the size of their hands. 

Best engagement rings for large hands

Those with larger hands can enjoy much more choice when it comes to ring band size and stone shape. For those with big personalities, bold ring designs can be chosen as they won’t impact on the look or how hands appear. If you want to take away the emphasis on the size of your hands, a larger ring can do this as it draws the attention away from the hands themselves.

These stone shapes are the best choice for large hands:

·      Asscher - Large Asscher shape diamonds and cushions can be worn on large hands

·      Black diamonds – darker stones work well on larger hands as they have a larger surface area to be worn upon.

Engagement Rings - Large Hands

Band size:

A thicker band size would work well for those with large hands as there is more room for a larger amount of metal.

Metal type:

Any metal type would look amazing on large hands, have fun with vintage styles or go for a classic white gold – it’s all about personal tastes and preferences.


Feeling confident when it comes to choosing a ring to flatter and accentuate the things you love about your hands? Then be sure to take a look at our engagement ring selection to find the perfect ring for you.