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A Guide For Precious Metals

27th January 2020

by Tara W.

It’s going to be worn for many years after purchase; here’s what you need to consider when choosing the metal for your jewelry. Choosing the right metal for your ring is about finding a balance between appearance and practicalities, as is often the case with engagement and wedding rings. Of course, you need it to look as nice as possible and also consider pricing into the mix. The choice of metal has a big impact on the final price of your jewelry; so don't forget that factor when you're budgeting. Once that's been sorted, consider appearance, namely something that comes down to color. The question of yellow gold or white gold comes down really subjectively; it's up to what you or your partner prefers.

Yellow Gold - Luxury & opulent 

18k yellow gold engagement ring

An 18k Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

It’s easily the most classic look, perfect for those who love traditional styles. 

While the 24-carat measurement is very famous, pure gold is actually very soft - making it much easier to bend. This is why most jewelers offer lower carat options. Going for 18k (or 18-carat) option makes the ring more secure than higher carats. This is also true if you choose 9k yellow gold, and makes the ring lighter and cheaper. 

The difference between 9k yellow gold and 18k yellow gold is not only in weight but in appearance. It’s best to see it in real life but 18k yellow gold tends to have a much brighter color than 9k. 

Rose Gold - Distinct & different

Rose gold pave diamond ring

An 18k Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Very popular with vintage styles, the rose gold color is a pink-tinted gold color that is very subtle. The golden look still prevails but the slight color tint gives the ring a more feminine touch. Like other types of gold, it’s a mix of different types of metals; rose gold is commonly mixed with copper in order to give its iconic reddish tinge. 

Rose gold has been really popular with more unconventional shapes and designs, due to the way in which more traditional designs are usually made in white or yellow gold. If you’re a fan of going something a bit more striking to the eye, go for rose gold. 

White Gold - Classic & traditional 

White Gold Engagement Ring

An 18k White Gold Engagement Ring, 

Often confused with silver because of its silvery appearance, white gold is actually yellow gold that has been coated with metal alloys in order to give the ring its finish.

While much cheaper than white gold, silver is less durable and tends to scratch or tarnish a lot easier. White gold is priced higher and tends to be more durable. Regardless, the white-silver appearance is the most used color for the majority of designs, due to the way in which it suits everyone. 

Because of the coating, keep in mind that everyday wear and tear will add up over the years. This means that you’ll need to get your white gold ring re-coated from time to time. Nothing too complicated or expensive, but something you’ll need to consider when buying the ring. 

Platinum - Rare & durable

Platinum fashion Engagement Ring

A Platinum (950) diamond ring,  

An increasingly popular option with our customers, platinum is the best of both worlds when it comes to yellow and white gold. 

Platinum is colored really closely to white gold, but is extremely strong and stands up very well to wear and tear. However, it isn’t indestructible, and can still scratch if scratched heavily (we recommend you stay out of the way of life/ring threatening events). Most people choose platinum because they want the color of white gold but without the hassle of re-plating the ring every year.

Platinum is a rare material, so it will increase the price of your ring, but a lot of people are starting to choose this option because they want the durability and peace of mind that the ring will be more durable. This is especially more the case with wedding rings as they tend to see an incredible amount of wear and tear over time, making them a great choice for men's rings. 

To round up:

If you or your partner like a luxury look, go for yellow gold. 

If you or your partner enjoy a distinct/trending look, go for rose gold

If you or your partner adore traditional designs, or you don't really know what to go for, go for white gold. 

If you want white gold but want something a lot more durable and are prepared to pay more, go for platinum.