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A New Beginning - April's Birthstone - Diamond

4th April 2016

by Tara W.

A picture of loose diamonds

The sun’s out, the window is open and your winter coat has retired to the wardrobe. April just makes us happy after a long time in the dark. In the birthstone calendar, April is known as the month of the diamond, and having been associated with the light, the diamond as the jewel of spring makes perfect sense. 

If you’re not familiar with the birthstone calendar concept, it’s fairly simple. Just like horoscopes, there’s twelve different gemstones which have been associated with their own months. For example, the December birthstone(s) are all an exquisite, icy blue, which fits the season perfectly. While it might be more fitting for April to have been green for spring, the pure white color is perhaps more fitting to symbolise a blank slate; a completely new beginning.

Here’s some insights about this month’s very special gemstone : 

1. The light collector

You can definitely notice how the diamond is able to collect and refract light better than any other gemstone. Very clear diamonds that have been excellently cut are extremely noticeable, even all the way on the other side of the room. 

Loose Diamond

2. A blank state

The purest of white reminds of what it feels like to start new all over again. Perhaps because we’re able to visualise what’s happening in our minds. We’ve noticed that when people have a look at diamonds, they really stop to take their time and look carefully, which is no coincidence. 

Loose diamonds with more focus in the middle

3. A piece of history

You’re wearing a piece of history; quite literally. Natural diamonds are thought to be millions of years old. It would be great if we could find out the date of formation, but the paperwork would probably be a nightmare.

A raw diamond in natural formation

4. Invincible 

As nothing can scratch a diamond other than another diamond, people like the idea of wearing them in order to symbolise strength. If only we could make everything out of them, then nothing would break, and insurance companies might have a problem. 

Raw diamonds in the workshop

5. A piece of lightning

It was written in Sanskrit texts that the diamond was a source of great power, believing it to have come down as a piece of lightning. The sharp glint of the diamond is certainly looks like lightning, but luckily for us it’s not physically the case. 

6. Color carrier

There’s a deep relationship between our minds and color. Look at how a particular color affects or reflects your current mood, and you’ll see how much of an integral role color plays in our lives. If look really carefully at a diamond, you might see small flickers of the color spectrum, like a rainbow reflected in a prism. 

An emerald shaped diamond held up to the light

7. A new beginning

People often use jewelry to mark new beginnings or to celebrate a particular point in time. We’ve seen that it’s customary with some people to buy their wife a bracelet for their anniversary or a full eternity ring for the birth of a new child.