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Custom Design - How We Made Kirsty Bennett's Wedding Ring

26th November 2019

by Tara W.

We were at the National Wedding Show last year, and met many of you who were looking to plan ahead for their special day. It was really interesting to speak to many people about what sorts of wedding rings they were looking for. Most of you were split 50/50 between wanting plain wedding bands and those who wanted diamonds in their wedding ring. In the spirit of giving people a great chance to get involved, we ran a competition which offered up to £1500 in crafting their own wedding ring with our manufacturing service. 

Our lucky winner Kirsty Bennett had won up to £1500 to spend on her wedding rings. Using our custom design service, we sat down with Kirsty to talk about what kinds of things she wanted in her new wedding ring. Her engagement ring featured a beautiful vine-inspired design which featured a single diamond in the middle which was studded with smaller diamonds all around the ring.

Wedding Ring

As a uniquely shaped engagement ring, this seemed like a perfect fit (pun intended) to go for a ciustom design. The task at hand was to make sure that her wedding ring fitted nice and flush in the grooves of her engagement ring. Because of the twist in her design, a standard wedding ring would create two gaps along the ring. It can be incredibly tricky with unique engagement rings to find a wedding ring that fits, but that’s where we come in. 

We sat down in our London showroom to discuss what sort of things she was looking for. Kirsty expressed in the beginning that she was absolutely sure she wanted diamonds in her wedding ring (we love that by the way) but wanted to know more about how she would fit that into the design. In most cases, diamonds in wedding bands are quite small and serve to accentuate the original wedding ring. There’s also the added aspect of wearing the wedding ring for a long time, which means smaller diamonds do naturally suit kind of activity. 

In order to get that flush fit, we came up with the following design : 

Wedding Ring Design

Although it might seem like a weird shape on its own, it can fit perfectly within the grooves of the original engagement ring. Although a lot of wedding bands have a “wishbone” shape that allows it to fit around most engagement rings, this case shows that if you have a unique engagement ring, you’ll need a unique wedding ring to match. 

In this design, the diamonds on the side serve as a subtle embellishment that compliments the original engagement ring; after all it is the set piece. Once this sketch was decided, we passed it onto our CAD team who were able to create a mockup of what the ring might look like in 3D : 

Wedding Ring Design

By looking at the sketch and the CAD design, we tried to give a rough impression of what the finished ring might look like. Once they were approved, it would take 3-4 weeks to craft the finished thing below. 

Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring

Luckily for Kirsty, her wedding ring was not too far away, nothing quite like winning something you’re looking to purchase anyway! 

If you liked this article, and want to learn more about how you can design your own jewelry piece, head to our custom design service page to find out more on how you can get started.