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6 Best Engagement Ring Styles for 2020

28th May 2020

by Tara W.

Whether you already have an idea of your dream ring or you are looking for the perfect piece for the one you love, our guide to the best engagement ring styles for 2020 is a good place to begin your search. Even if you’re not one for following trends, our list includes everything from the most popular metal color of 2020 to ring details you may not have considered. Read on for our best engagement ring styles for 2020.

1. Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings

emerald cut engagement rings

For those a bit bored of the round diamond, this year the spotlight is on elongated diamond shapes. Closely followed by the oval cut, emerald-cut engagement rings remain the most coveted for 2020. Loved for their contemporary finish emerald cut diamonds are favoured by many, including celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé. 

2. Multiple Diamonds

Why have a single diamond when you can have multiple? Trilogy rings proved popular last year, but for 2020 five and seven stone diamond engagement rings are set to be the favoured styles. A multi-diamond engagement ring is a great choice for those looking for some serious sparkle. 

3. Yellow Gold Rings

Yes, yellow gold is officially on-trend! It’s never really been out of style as it’s a timeless and classic metal after all but it’s been tipped as the metal color of 2020. Yellow gold looks great for any engagement ring style so you can be sure your ring won’t be out of fashion anytime soon. 

4. Bespoke Engagement Rings

bespoke diamond engagement rings

Looking for a unique engagement ring? This year bespoke engagement rings have become increasingly popular within the jewelry industry. With bespoke ring orders now more affordable than ever before, people are using the opportunity to design their engagement ring from scratch. From choosing your favourite metal type and selecting the shape of your setting, to adding finishing touches such as milgrain detailing or pavé diamonds, there are endless possibilities when you choose to design your engagement ring. Learn more about our bespoke service to make your dream ring design possible. 

5. Halo Rings 

Far from being new - halo engagement rings are set to be one of the most popular styles of 2020. A halo ring oozes glamour and sparkle. It is also an ideal choice if you wish to make your diamond look bigger. The halo of diamonds that surrounds the centre stone creates the illusion of a larger diamond for a fraction of the cost. 

6. Twisted Detailing 

twist engagement rings

They say the key is in the details and we would have to agree. Surprisingly twisted settings have become a trending ring style for 2020. From simple to vintage styles, twisted detailing adds an elegant finish that has become sought-after. We particularly love this ring style in yellow gold - so you can tick two trends in one! 

From glamorous halo rings to beautiful bespoke pieces, the best 2020 diamond engagement ring styles are those that focus on the details. We hope we have inspired you no matter where you are with your search. 

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