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Bridal Sets: How to Match your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

28th April 2020

by Tara W.

If you have been discussing marriage, or a proposal has been on the cards for some time, a bridal set could be a great choice. Not only will you cover both your partner's engagement ring and wedding band in one go, but it also means that both rings will be designed to look and fit harmoniously together. In this post, we discuss everything you need to know about bridal sets and how to match your engagement ring and wedding band to perfection.

How do you get your wedding ring to match your engagement ring?

Bridal Sets

There are plenty of ways to match your engagement ring and wedding band. You should consider the shape of each ring along with the metal type and style of each design. Most jewelry stores will help by suggesting styles they know work together but, the easiest way to ensure both rings match beautifully is to buy a bridal set. A bridal set is designed specifically so that your engagement ring and wedding bands match harmoniously in style and fit - doing the hard work for you and taking the guess-work out.

Advantages of a bridal set:

    • 1. Convenient and easy. Instead of shopping for two separate rings and having the hassle of trying to match them up, the work is already done for you.
    • 2. Beautifully designed. As both rings are designed with each other in mind, the appearance is more appealing than those designed separately.
    • 3. Value for money. Buying the two rings together tends to be cheaper than buying them separately.

Can you propose with a bridal set?

Yes, of course! Although it may not be an idea favoured by everyone. By purchasing a bridal set, which includes both an engagement ring and wedding band, you are somewhat assuming your partner will say ‘yes’. Most people who buy bridal sets are those who are pretty certain that they will get the answer they are looking for or couples who have discussed the idea of marriage before. A bridal set is also a great idea if your partner is looking to update their current set to something newer and more stylish. So if you are looking to propose, or you are already married, a bridal set can be a great solution. 

Does my wedding band have to match my engagement ring?

Not necessarily, however, it has become increasingly popular to match both your wedding and engagement rings. This is possible because the overall appearance tends to look more modern and considered than those bought separately.

How do you wear a bridal or wedding ring set

Once you have said ‘yes’, your engagement ring should be placed on the ring finger of your left hand. During the wedding ceremony, if you follow tradition, you should place your engagement ring on your right hand. After the wedding, you should then place your engagement ring back on top of your wedding ring. Your wedding ring should be on the bottom, so it is closer to your heart. If you are lucky enough to receive an eternity ring, you can wear this on top of your engagement ring or if it proves more comfortable, on the same finger on the opposite hand.

Do you wear your engagement ring when you walk down the aisle?

Traditionally, yes. You would place your engagement ring on the ring finger of your right hand and then move it back over on top of your wedding band once the ceremony has taken place.

Best bridal/ wedding ring sets

The best thing about bridal ring sets is that they now come in a variety of different styles. From classic or contemporary styles to vintage designs that offer something a little more unique, a bridal set can be tailored to your personality. 

Here are a few of our favourites:

Solitaire White Gold Bridal Set

Solitaire Bridal Set

Vintage Yellow Gold Bridal Set

Vintage Style Bridal Set

Halo White Gold Bridal Set

Heart Halo Bridal Set

Cushion Yellow Gold Bridal Set

Cushion Halo Bridal Set

Feeling inspired? Discover our beautiful selection of bridal sets online, or head to our other blog post for unique ways to propose at home.