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Engagement Ring Shapes & Cut’s Meanings

22nd May 2020

by Tara W.

Ready to propose? There can be nothing more exciting and sometimes agonising, than searching for the perfect engagement ring cut. Unlike the round cut, some diamond shapes tend to go in and out of fashion. But did you know, there is more meaning to the diamond shape you choose? Read on to discover more about engagement ring shapes and cut’s meanings. 

1. Round Cut 

round cut diamond engagement ring

Round cut diamonds are arguably the most popular diamond shape for engagement rings. They produce plenty of sparkle and tend to be the most expensive diamond shape. This is because a lot of the diamond has to be cut away to achieve the right amount of fire and brilliance. The round shape diamond represents everlasting love and tends to be favoured by those with a relaxed outlook on life.

Celebrities with round cut engagement rings

Mila Kunis, Miranda Kerr and Brooke Shields.

2. Princess Cut 

Princess cut diamonds are square-shaped, with clean lines that give them a contemporary appearance. This cut is ideal for those who love modern styles without compromising on sparkle. The attention-grabbing cut tends to be favoured by those who have bold, outgoing personalities.

Celebrities with princess cut engagement rings

Hilary Duff, Kate Bosworth and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

3. Emerald Cut 

Emerald cut diamonds are elongated and feature step-cut facets for a sleek and contemporary appearance. This signature cut is said to symbolise clarity within a relationship and a loving, open heart. Those who choose this diamond shape tend to be confident, straightforward and sophisticated. Emerald cut engagement rings are seen as very fashionable - particularly popular in recent years.

Celebrities with emerald cut engagement rings

Beyoncé, Serena Williams and Amal Clooney. 

4. Oval Cut 

Oval cut diamonds are perfect for those who like the versatility of the round shape but prefer something a little more creative. The oval shape symbolises stability and faithfulness in a relationship. Oval diamond engagement rings are great for those who wish for a classic and elegant finish with a touch of creativity. Along with the emerald cut, oval-shaped diamonds have become increasingly popular in recent years. Those who are drawn to this diamond cut tend to have a creative spirit and a vibrant, unique personality.

Celebrities with oval cut engagement rings

Hailey Bieber, Kirsten Dunst and Blake Lively. 

5. Pear Cut 

pear cut diamond engagement ring

Pear cut diamonds have the appearance of a teardrop - thought to symbolise tears of joy in a relationship. This unique diamond shape tends to be loved by those who aren’t afraid to show their individuality. It is also considered the most romantic diamond shape of them all. Those who are attracted to pear cut engagement rings tend to be devoted, adaptable and adventurous individuals.

Celebrities with pear cut engagement rings

Anna Kournikova, Katherine Heigl and Jessica Simpson.

6. Cushion Cut 

Cushion cut diamonds are feminine and fashionable. They are square-shaped with beautifully curved corners and brilliant facets. Perfect for those who are looking for a soft, trendy finish that packs plenty of sparkle. Synonymous with royalty, the cushion-cut diamond perfectly blends tradition, romance and elegance - making it the ideal centrepiece for an engagement ring. Those who love this cut are known for their elegant and independent personality.  

Celebrities with cushion cut engagement rings

Karlie Kloss, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Biel.

7. Radiant Cut 

Radiant cut diamonds have 70 light-reflecting facets that create a substantial amount of sparkle. As one of the lesser-known diamond shapes, radiant cut diamonds are perfect for those looking for something a little more unusual. People who prefer radiant cut engagement rings tend to have outgoing and energetic personalities to match the vibrancy of the stone.

Celebrities with radiant cut engagement rings

Lea Michele, Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore.

8. Marquise Cut 

Marquise cut diamonds are opulent and unique. Their elongated shape provides the illusion of a larger diamond. This diamond cut originates back in the 18th century when King Louis XV of France enlisted a jeweler to create a diamond shape that resembled his mistress’ lips. This distinct shape is still associated with royalty today. People who opt for a marquise cut engagement ring are thought to be flashy and flamboyant and aren't afraid to show their status or wealth - much like the royals who created it.

Celebrities who have worn marquise cut engagement rings

Christina Milian, Catherine Zeta Jones and Ashlee Simpson. 

9. Asscher Cut 

Asscher cut diamonds have a unique, vintage-style appearance. It was designed originally for King Edward VII by Joseph Asscher - which is where it received its name. This antique style cut has an old-world sophistication and is a square-shaped stone made up of step-cut faceting - perfect for those searching for vintage engagement rings. Asscher cut engagement rings tend to be favoured by those who love drama, old-school glamour and antiques.

Celebrities who have worn asscher cut engagement rings

Gwyneth Paltrow, Pippa Middleton and Jessica Alba.

10. Heart Ring Cut 

heart cut diamond engagement ring

Heart cut diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love and romance. The shape borders on the fantasy, fairytale element of love, therefore, those who choose it tend to be creative dreamers. Maybe a little Cliché for some, but those who love the idea of a heart-shaped engagement ring tend to be playful, fun and imaginative with larger-than-life personalities.

Celebrities who have worn heart cut engagement rings

Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani and Nicki Minaj.

Have an idea of the perfect cut for your engagement ring? Shop our range of engagement rings online, or head to our engagement ring guide to learn more.