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Have you heard about the Mangagement ring trend?

20th September 2017

by Tara W.

Engagement Ring - Men

An unsuccessful trend in the 20’s that is now growing faster and bigger is trying to change the way we see engagement rings.

Everything started in 1926 when companies like Macy’s (by then called L. Bamburger & Co) joined together to create an advertising campaign with men wearing engagement rings. In a very masculine ad, they featured a man holding a cigar with his left hand and a big stone on his fourth finger. And even though the rings had man-friendly names such as the Pilot, the Stag or the Master, the campaign was unsuccessful.

In fact, it wasn’t until the 40’s and 50’s that men started to wear a wedding ring. Before, it was only the woman who wore one. With the war over, a feeling of belonging and love bloomed and couples started to wear wedding rings as a symbol of unity. Also, it was around that same time when  diamond engagement rings started to become a tradition. However, engagement rings for men were out of the question.

Diamond Engagement Ring

Nowadays the rules have changed for sure. With same-sex marriage being legalised around the world and feminism growing more and more every day, the picture of a man proposing to a woman and being she the one that wears the ring has something missing. The world has changed and so has the customs, now it is acceptable for a woman to propose or for a man to wear a big jewelry piece if they want.

Engagement Rings

So, should you wear one? Should you buy one for your significant other? When it comes to mangagement rings is hard to know what the rules are and, to be honest, it seems there aren’t any. The only thing that matters is what you or your partner wants.

Hollywood actress Jennifer Hudson proposed to his fiancé, WWE wrestler David Otunga, with a diamond ring 7 months after he proposed to her. Canadian singer, Michael Bublé was seen wearing an engagement ring because, according to his Argentine wife-then fiancée Luisana Lopilato, it is a tradition in her country.

Mangagement Rings

What about the style of the rings? Trends suggest that men prefer to wear simple ring in plain gold or platinum and some like to add some diamonds to the mix in order to make this jewelry piece even more special.

Gold - Platinum Engagement Ring

And, what happens to the ring when you finally tie the knot? Some prefer to follow women’s tradition of moving the ring to the right hand and stacking both rings on the same finger. Others prefer to wear both separately or wear it as a necklace by placing the ring on a chain. Also, this ring can follow the same tradition that women’s engagement ring do: it can be pass from generation to generation and become a symbol of love among their family.

At the end, it is up to you both to make the decision. This doesn’t mean that you have to propose or buy a ring to your partner, it just a beautiful way of showing the world that you two are in love and ready for the next step. Some may say that until you say “I do” nothing is tied but it’s nice to have something that will remind you of that special time when both of you were ready to be together forever.


Engagement Ring For Men

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