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A Diamond Shape Infographic

28th January 2016

by Tara W.

For something that your partner will be wearing for most of their life, you’ll want to make sure that it matches their personality. depending on what you choose to prioritise the best diamond for an engagement ring will vary. Typically, most men will keep cost-efficiency in the back of their minds, while also trying to balance how the ring might actually suit their partner’s tastes. Women, on the other hand, will tend to think very carefully about how the ring or diamond shape will affect the appearance of their finger or even the entire hand. 

The key is that it’s not purely functional; while there are some set “trends” of things you should consider for each shape, remember that there’s an art to jewelry - don’t forget to go with your partner’s feelings too. 

Shape vs Cut

The first thing to clear out of the way is the main difference between shape and cut; something that is easily confused. Shape is the silhouette of the jewel. Think of it as what the diamond would look like if it was completely flat. Shape is actually more to do with appearance more than anything else. And while you are spending a lot of your money on the centre diamond don’t forget how the various settings of the rings will influence the appearance of the finished ring. Cut on the other hand, determines the depth (these things get very mathematical) and proportions of the diamond which have a direct impact on how the diamond reflects light and creates the rainbow-prism like dispersions that create that “wow” sparkle effect. Bearing that in mind, you can check out our infographic below.

Check our infographic here