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Your Guide to Promise and Commitment Rings

28th May 2020

by Tara W.

There are many reasons you may wish to buy your significant other a ring in a relationship, the most common being engagement rings, which are offered in a proposal of marriage. Then there are wedding rings, eternity rings and promise rings (also known as commitment rings). In this guide to promise and commitment rings, we discuss the reasons you may wish to buy one and what they symbolise. 

What is a promise ring?

commitment rings

A promise ring, or commitment ring, is a type of ring given to symbolise fidelity and commitment within a relationship. It is not unheard of for both partners to wear a promise ring to symbolise their romantic bond.

What does a promise or commitment ring symbolise in a relationship?

couple in love

The exact meaning of a promise ring can vary from couple to couple, but ultimately it can be anything such as a promise to always be in love, to stand by the other person or to always be faithful. 

In a romantic relationship, a promise ring should probably be given after a significant amount of time has been spent with your partner, maybe at least a year, to show them that it is serious and that you’re committed for the longer term. It is then up to the couple whether they wish to propose with an engagement ring later on in their relationship.

It may be the case that for the romantic couple that may not wish to marry in the future, a promise ring can symbolise that this is something a little more than casual and that you’re perfectly content with the way things are. On the flip side, a promise ring could be a beautiful gesture for a couple that have already been married for many years, who wish to show that that romantic fire still burns brightly.  

What should a promise ring look like?

promise rings

Promise rings tend to be a little more subtle than your typical engagement ring, with less obvious smaller stones, or none at all. A popular variation is of two hands intertwined made in either silver or gold, or even just a plain slim band. It’s helpful to view a promise ring as more of a fashion ring when it comes to their appearance.

How to give a promise ring

Most commonly, promise or commitment rings are given on special occasions such as a birthday, holiday or Valentine’s Day. There is no right or wrong moment to give a promise ring. Some couples choose to shop for the rings together as the most important thing is the meaning behind the promise ring, rather than the gifting process. 

Which finger do you wear a promise ring?

fashionable promise rings

Promise rings can be worn on any finger, as long as it’s comfortable. Most people would opt for their ring finger on their left hand if not married, and on the right, if already married. There is no right or wrong answer to this though. For a man, you may even opt to wear the ring on a chain around your neck! 

For most couples, a promise or commitment ring is often upgraded to an engagement ring ahead of marriage

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