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How to propose on Valentine’s Day

3rd February 2020

by Tara W.

How to Propose On Valentine's Day

It might be a cliché but sometimes the biggest clichés are the most romantic ones and you can’t go wrong with romance, right? If you or your partner are truly rom-com fans and love the good old classics, this post is for you. We made a list of proposal ideas to help you surprise your loved one.

Romantic dinner gets cancelled

This is one of a cheeky one since you will have to trick them to believe that that amazing dinner you had planned and talked about weeks is not going to happen. Blame it on your work and say you have to stay late because you have an unexpected deadline. Then, go back home with a bouquet of her or his favourite flowers and knock on the door. Your partner will answer the door and there are you, down on one knee with the most beautiful engagement ring. After she says yes and you celebrate your new chapter in life, head to the restaurant where all your friends and family are waiting for both of you to share this special moment together.

Valentine's Day Proposal

Spell it with chocolates

This one requires a little bit of preparation since you will need to pre-order the chocolate bonbons with the letters on top. Bear in mind that you will need 15 bonbons to spell ‘Will you marry me?’ or 8 if you say ‘Marry Me’. So, after you come back from your romantic dinner and you are chilling by the fire, give her or him the chocolate box as the final gift. Wait until they open the box to take out the diamond ring. We think is the sweetest proposal ever!

Valentine Proposal - Chocolates

The missing piece

This proposal is for the creative ones! The idea is to create a custom puzzle where there is one piece that reads, “Will you marry me?” Save this piece and wrap the puzzle as a gift and give to your loved one on Valentine’s Day. They might be a little upset about the being gifted a puzzle but just try to convince them to solve it. When they realize there is one piece missing, just took it out of your pocket and handle it to them. While they read what says in the puzzle piece, pop your ring out and wait for him or her to say yes! Then you can frame the puzzle and have it as a memory of this special day.

How to Propose Valentine The missing piece

The poetry book

If your partner is a book lover then this is perfect for them. You just need to buy a book; it could be their favourite author or a poetry book like this one, which includes a collection of love letters by great men like Beethoven or Voltaire. Then, you will need to get a little bit artsy and cut a small hole in the pages where you could fit the ring. When you manage to put the diamond ring in there, just cover it with a few pages and stick them together so it will be hard for them to sense what is going on. Find the perfect time to give it to them and when they start trying to read it and find that there are a few sticky pages, so when they try to unstick them they will find the hidden treasure. Just say the magic words and save the book forever!

Valentine's Day - Poetry Book

Somewhere Unexpected   

If you haven’t been a romantic throughout your relationship it will be suspicious if all of a sudden you are the reincarnation of Shakespeare. So, in order to avoid ruining the surprise, why don’t do it in your own way? Think about your day-to-day life, the things you share each day and surprise her while her least expected. You could tie the ring to her or his favourite jam with a small note attached that says ‘Will you marry me?” Or you could ask them a la Prince Harry while you are cooking your favourite meal. Your partner will be surprised for sure!

Valentine Day Proposal

The sparkling date

If you know you will never be able to choose the ring of their dreams, why not taking them to choose one? But keep it a secret! Plan a lunch date, have some prosecco and buy them some roses. Then go for a walk and tell her or him that you have a quick work appointment. They will be a little bit annoyed but we promise they will be fine when they find out where they are! You can have some rings pre-selected and have the salesperson present this selection to your soon-to-be fiancé while you say the magic words. They will be both happy and excited about choosing their favourite diamond ring! 

How to Propose Valentine The sparkling date

Regardless where you propose, Valentine’s Day is an amazing date to pop the question. Just remember to buy the engagement ring in advance. At Diamonds Factory we have a wide range of diamond engagement rings, so take a look at our website and find the perfect ring.