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New Year’s Eve Proposal Ideas: The Unexpected One

4th December 2019

by Tara W.

New Years Eve Proposal

Christmas proposal are the most famous ones but what if you caught your partner by surprise and propose on New Year’s Eve? That’s what we call a sparkling start of the year. We have made a list with proposal ideas to help you surprise your loved one.

When the clock strikes midnight

It doesn’t matter if you are at a party or at home by the fire, when the bells ring out at midnight to welcome the New Year, get down on one knee and ask them to marry you.  This proposal might be the most romantic yet simple way to propose on New Year’s Eve. Just remember to order the engagement ring in advance!

Midnight Proposal - New Years

With a little help from the carollers     

This requires a little bit more preparation since you will have to find a group of carollers! Ask them to come to your door while you are enjoying a cosy night by the fire, drinking mulled wine and chocolates. They could have a sign that says “Happy Holidays” and then, after they are finished singing, they can flip it over to discover the magical words. By that time, you get down on one knee and pop the diamond ring! If you can’t find a group of carollers to help you, you can imitate one of the most famous scenes from Love Actually and be you who is at the door with different signs about your relationship and at the end, the last one will say “Will you marry me?”

On your New Year’s Speech

If you are more of a speech giver and don’t mind being in the spotlight, this proposal is for you! Write the speech in advance if you are not that into improv. You could talk about how amazing the previous year was, mention the moments you shared with your partner and tell them how excited you are to embark into the new year because it will be a new chapter in your life. And just them, when they are wondering what you mean, say their name and ask them to marry you. Your partner will be both surprised and happy!

New Year Proposal

A New Year Resolution

While you are at home, maybe watching a festive movie and drinking a cup of tea, grab two pieces of paper and ask your partner to join you in writing your New Year’s resolution. When you are both done, ask her or him to pass it on to you and say: “You missed one!” and write “Get Married”. They will be a little bit confused at first but everything will be clear when you show the ring!

New Year Resolution

Regardless where you propose, whether you are the two of you alone or at a big party, New Year’s Eve is an amazing date to pop the question. Just remember to buy the engagement ring in advance. At Diamonds Factory we have a wide range of diamond engagement rings that are guaranteed to be delivered before New Year’s Eve, so take a look at our website and find the perfect ring.