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Types of Engagement Rings for Every Taste

5th June 2020

by Tara W.

Let’s face it - choosing the perfect engagement ring for your partner can be tough. From solitaire and halo styles to selecting the right diamond shape and metal - the possibilities are endless. That’s why, in this article, we discuss the types of engagement rings for every taste. 

What style of engagement ring is most popular?

solitaire diamond ring

One thing to note, there is no specific style that is perfect for every taste. However, the most popular engagement ring style is the diamond solitaire. A diamond solitaire ring consists of a single diamond with a simple metal band. It is loved for its timeless, versatile and classic appearance. 

What type of engagement ring is in style?

For the fashion-conscious, the trending engagement ring styles for 2019 and 2020 are those with fancy cut diamonds at the centre. The most on-trend and in-demand tend to be emerald and oval cut diamond rings. However, marquise and pear cut diamonds (once some of the least popular diamond shapes) have risen in popularity in the last couple of years. Of course, when choosing an engagement ring, it is more about the recipient and their taste rather than what is on-trend.

7 types of engagement rings for every taste

Your loved one’s style and personality should be taken into consideration when you are searching for the perfect diamond ring. Here we uncover the best engagement ring styles to suit every recipient. 

Emerald Cut Rings - The Trendsetter

If your loved one likes to follow trends, or even better - set them, look no further than emerald cut engagement rings. Emerald cut diamonds feature unique step-cut faceting, which creates a contemporary finish that trendsetters adore. A platinum setting creates a clean and modern look that is perfect for your fashionable loved on.

Vintage Engagement Rings - The Romantic

vintage engagement ring

Does your partner enjoy scouring vintage stores for an unusual find or heading to their local artisan coffee shop? If the answer is yes, a beautiful vintage engagement ring could be just their style. Think fancy cut diamonds, pave diamonds and Milgrain detailing with unique twisted settings - perfect for the romantic partner. Choose a rose gold metal for a pretty engagement ring they will cherish forever.

Round Solitaire Diamond Rings - The Traditional

If your partner is more laidback and prefers to follow traditions, a round solitaire engagement ring could be a great choice. A round diamond solitaire ring is simple and versatile enough for your loved one’s relaxed no-fuss style, yet timeless and sophisticated. We love this style of ring in classic yellow gold, but you may prefer to select a metal that compliments the jewelry your partner wears every day. 

Halo Engagement Rings - The Glamorous

halo engagement ring

Does your loved one enjoy being the centre of attention? If the answer is yes, then there is no doubt they will want all eyes to be on their engagement ring. A diamond halo ring is perfect for your glamorous partner as it packs plenty of sparkle and makes your chosen centre stone appear larger. Opt for white gold for an ultra-shiny and elegant finish.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings - The Alternative 

For the alternative partner, nothing could stray further away from the norm than a black diamond. A black diamond engagement ring is a great way to suit your loved one’s unique personality and style. Select a simple solitaire or halo design to express their individuality.

Trilogy Engagement Rings - The Sentimental

If your loved one values experiences and memories over possessions, it is most likely they are the sentimental type. Why not give them an engagement ring with meaning? A trilogy ring features three stones which are thought to represent the past, present and future within a relationship, making it ideal for your sentimental partner. Opt for platinum for a contemporary appearance or choose yellow gold for a more classic finish.

Bespoke Engagement Rings - The Quirky 

Does your partner have a unique and quirky personality? If the answer is yes, you may want to consider a bespoke engagement ring. Try designing it yourself or, if you don't feel confident enough, propose with a placeholder ring and give them the option to design their own. Choosing bespoke means you can tailor the ring to suit your loved one’s unique taste. Just select your setting, diamond shape and metal, and add special touches such as embellishments and intricate detailing. 

If you’re feeling inspired, why not check out our range of diamond engagement rings, or head to our education section to learn everything you need to know about diamond jewelry.