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Proposing Without An Engagement Ring: Alternative Options

3rd December 2019

by Tara W.

If you know your partner wants to choose their engagement ring themselves then it’s a good idea to find an alternative to get down on one knee with, before you go shopping later!

If you’re struggling to decide on an alternative though, Diamonds Factory has put together some different options to propose with, from puppies to romantic poems - we’ve covered it all.

Each woman is unique and different in her own way, so what you choose needs to reflect her personality and interests. Read on and find the perfect proposal alternative:

Make it yourself

This is an idea that comes well and truly from the heart. Whether you are a handyman around the house or can barely hang a picture straight, making a stand-in engagement ring for your partner is actually possible. This is a ring she can wear until she chooses her real one and it gives you that traditional piece of jewelry to propose with too.

Making a ring from scratch will also ensure you end up with something unique and can completely reflect the personality of you both as a couple. Sketch out a design then look around for a metal workshop that you can attend. These can help you melt down the metal and then you can spend a couple of hours crafting the ring…with a professional at hand to help, of course.

Propose with a memento of some kind

If you have something special that demonstrates your love for one another, use it. It could be a movie ticket to the first film you saw together, or an early concert you went to, or maybe your first plane trip together. Just use anything that means something to the both of you. It has real sentimental value this way. Perhaps write your ‘Will you marry me?’ message on the back and wait for her to read it.

Ring box

Proposing with an empty ring box doesn’t sound like the best idea, does it? But, it’s a good way of having something to get down on one knee with, and of letting her know she can choose her own engagement ring. She might be confused at first to see an empty box, but once you tell her that you are setting a date for you both to go ring shopping together and she can pick out whatever her heart desires, she’ll definitely say yes.

Write a poem, song or letter

Use your words to propose in a way that will move her to tears of joy. A poem, song or letter then becomes a proposal gift that can be cherished forever. And you can even bring it out again at the wedding during the speeches to move the crowd.

Unsure of what to write? Tell her how much she means to you, talk about all the things you love about her and that makes you happy, draw upon memories you’ve shared and dreams for the future and then finish by asking her to marry you. There are classes available if you need a hand with poetry or songwriting to ensure you pen a piece worthy of sharing!

Something old

Family is important to us all, so if you have a heirloom piece that has been handed down to you and means a lot, then consider putting this into your proposal as an alternative until she can choose her very own engagement ring. It could be your Grandma's old ring or it could even be an old necklace. She can then wear this on the wedding day as a reminder of those loved ones and ensures that your memories with your family are passed through with you on your special day.

Suggest a ring tattoo

This isn’t for everyone but if you both enjoy getting tattoos then what is better than a ring that you can’t take off or give back? As tattoos have grown ever more popular, so have inked wedding rings. They’re really good for people with actively busy lives or hands-on jobs and you can still get a beautiful engagement ring to also wear over the top.

Adopt a pet

What could be better than a diamond ring? An engagement puppy of course! If your partner is a dog-lover then this idea couldn’t be any more perfect. Not only will you be winning her heart but a dog’s heart too! Of course, it could be quite hard to get a dog to cooperate just how you want it to, so try not to make it complicated as you want the proposal to go smoothly. Here are some beautiful puppy proposals for inspiration.

But remember, a puppy is for life not just for an engagement!

Propose with just words

Simple proposals can be underrated. Just getting yourself down on one knee, taking their hand and expressing your love for them can be the best way to grab their attention and their heart.

If you want to propose to your partner without a ring, take on some of these tips. It makes the whole process twice as special as they get to choose their own piece of jewelry that they get to keep forever more and they get another special gift when you actually propose beforehand!

When you’re ready to choose your ring together, be sure to browse our stunning range of engagement and wedding rings, perfect for your big day and to wear forever.