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Romantic Home Proposal Ideas

22nd April 2020

by Tara W.

Home Proposal Ideas

If your plans to propose in some exotic location have been thwarted due to the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic, you may be looking at the alternative options that are available to you. Sure, you could wait and hope that things return to normality very soon, or you could do what many couples are choosing to do all over the world - propose at home! As we are all practising social distancing by staying in the comfort of our own homes, there could be no bigger surprise than to pop the question in the midst of it all. So bring some positivity to this unusual situation and check out some of our best home proposal ideas. 

1. Proposal over Zoom app

We’re sure that you have heard of the popular group video app Zoom by now. During the pandemic it has become an increasingly popular way for everyone to stay connected with their friends, family and colleagues. Why not get your family and friends on Zoom for virtual happy hour drinks, then surprise everyone by getting down on one knee to your loved one. This proposal definitely has the shock-factor and will be remembered for years to come. Just remember to take a screenshot of their reaction...

2. Cook their favourite meal 

Dinner Proposal

Since dining at your local restaurant is off the menu, why not try recreating the meal and ambience in the comfort of your own home?  Decide whether your loved one prefers mojitos with their tacos, or champagne with their shellfish, tick all the right boxes depending on their taste. 

3. Create a romantic garden setting 

If you have a beautiful garden, why not make the most of it this Spring/Summer by choosing it as the location for your proposal? Decorate it with balloons, flowers, candles, fairy lights, blankets and cushions to ooze romantic ambience. Create a sign saying ‘will you marry me?’ out of balloons or candles to make your proposal clear. You could even prepare a nice picnic or dinner outside to celebrate when your loved one says ‘yes’.

4. Home video proposal 

Enjoy going to the movies? If you are pretty tech-savvy, why not create a collage of your best video moments as a couple? At the end you could finish with the question ‘will you marry me?’. Alternatively, record yourself proposing and play it when they least expect it, for a movie moment they will never forget.

5. Enlist your pet to help you propose

Pet Proposal

If you have furry friends living with you, get them involved! Why not order a pet tag saying ‘will you marry me?’, or attach the ring to your pet’s collar, and then wait until your loved one notices the secret message. Just remember to get plenty of pictures to capture the moment. 

6. Make luxurious breakfast in bed

Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? Treat the one you love by preparing a delicious medley of all of their favourite breakfast foods. Place them beautifully on a tray with a bouquet along with a beautiful engagement ring. If you want to shock them and you think you can pull it off, why not try slipping the engagement ring on them while they are sleeping? 

7. Prepare a romantic treasure hunt

For those who like a challenge, a treasure hunt could be the perfect way to propose. Leave the first clue somewhere obvious, then create additional clues that lead your loved one to different rooms or objects around the home. Try incorporating small romantic gifts, such as flowers or chocolates, as you go. Plan the treasure hunt so that the final clue leads to you holding their dream engagement ring.

8. Photo album proposal 

This one requires a little creativity. Print off all of your favourite pictures to show the memories you have shared as a couple and place them in an album. You can then hide the ring within the pages or pop the question once you have spent time reminiscing together.

9. Spell it out with rose petals

Rose Petal Proposal

A classic one but a good one, spell your proposal out with rose petals for the ultimate romantic way to propose. Try creating a pathway of petals leading from the front door to your message and surprise the one you love when they come back from the store or their morning run. Simple yet beautiful, your significant other will appreciate the thoughtful sentiment behind this proposal style.

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