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Should I Choose A Full Eternity Or A Half Eternity Diamond Ring?

3rd December 2019

by Tara W.

The eternity diamond ring is the ring that attracts those who want nothing but diamonds and the feeling of pure luxury. But should you go full or half eternity? You'll need to carefully consider each option, which in short largely depends on the kinds of occasions and purposes that you're wearing the ring for. 

Full eternity Diamond Rings

The original ring of luxury, the full eternity is making it ideal for a ring that you would wear to parties and special occasions. With its dazzling texture and sparkle, it’s often the ring of choice to add to a collection of rings as an extra finishing embellishment. It’s a very noticeable ring, making it a popular choice for celebrating anniversaries.  

Full Eternity Diamond Rings

Given all of its glamour and sophistication, the full eternity ring is quite delicate and is not well suited to daily use, due to wear and tear that occurs especially at the bottom side of the ring which still contains diamonds that can potentially become loose or fall out entirely. 

Due to the intricacy of the full eternity design, take care when ordering the ring to make sure the ring is the right size on the first go because most full eternity rings can’t be resized once they are made. 

Having said this, full eternity rings are ready to make a statement due to the full row of diamonds circled around the length of the band, creating a brilliant sparkle. It’s a ring for those who love diamonds in their jewelry in general. Due to its grandiosity the full eternity ring is well suited to wearing to occasions, or for layering with existing rings as a finishing piece. 

Full Eternity Rings

Half Eternity Diamond Rings

A popular choice for wedding rings, the half eternity features diamonds fitted into the design only halfway. This is not only a more modern take on a classic design but is done for practical purposes, as the bottom half of the ring features metal in the place of diamonds, making it more resistant to daily wear and tear. 

Despite the name, diamonds are not strictly made into the ring at the halfway point; some other designs feature diamonds only on the top curve of the ring, giving the ring more durability and a more understated feel.

Half Eternity Diamond Rings

Half eternity rings are a great compliment to existing Engagement Rings, allowing the smaller encrusted diamonds to line up beautifully with your engagement ring, while still allowing you to wear it with more peace of mind, especially for everyday purposes.

Half eternity is a great option as a wedding ring for those wanting the full eternity look but are concerned about wear and tear overtime. 

One band, many diamonds

A last option that you can consider if you like the encrusted diamond look is to go for a side stone ring; this is the combination of a bigger single diamond in the middle with the sides featuring small diamonds in the likeness of the eternity style. This creates a great balance between the simplicity of the classic solitaire style (with one single diamond) and the eternity style (smaller diamonds). 

Half Eternity Rings

Picking your right ring is keeping in mind the mix between what style really resonates with you and the practicality of having to wear the ring on a day to day basis.