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The ABC of Diamond Bracelets

1st November 2017

by Tara W.

From large cuffs to delicate bangles, bracelets had been a staple when it comes to style an outfit. It is, along with necklaces, that item that makes a look feel complete. They can be wear solo, stacked or in an originally mix-and-match between both wrists, the possibilities are endless!

 Diamond Bracelets

Different bracelet styles:

-Bangle: this type of bracelet is ancient being the first record of one back in 2600 BC. Bangles are circular in shape, just like a ring, and non-flexible and come in two different types: a full circle or a split one (called cuff).

An easy-to-wear classic that adds just the right amount of interest to your look. If you are looking to sparkle up your outfit a great option could be a diamond bangle that is both modern and feminine and fits comfortably for everyday wear.

Bangle Bracelets

-Diamond bracelet: a metal bracelet with an infinite set of diamonds also known as Tennis Bracelet. Did you know this bracelet got its name after Chris Evert, a famous tennis player, who lost her diamond bracelet during a match and asked the officials to postpone it until her bracelet had been found? Set with perfectly matched diamonds in a symmetrical and simple design makes this bracelet a staple in every jewelry box.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

-Cuff: shaped as a ‘C’, cuffs are metal bracelets with split ends. These ends can have claps, stones or be open, allowing cuffs to sit perfectly on the wrist. While metal styles are popular among women, being silver and gold the most chosen, leather seems to be the hot option for men. Also, couples sometimes choose to swipe the classic ring for an engraved cuff.

Gemstone Cuffs

-Charm: a chain bracelet adorned by different types and styles of charms. From hearts and butterflies to little reminders of one’s milestones, charm bracelets are perfect as a gift. This type of bracelet gives you the freedom to design your own, adding different charms throughout your life.

Charm Bracelets

-Chain: a linked-metal bracelet that, just like a necklace, comes in a variety of styles like box, snake, wheat, box, figaro or rope. This type of bracelet is the perfect base for charm bracelets or for stacking. For a delicate and original stack, you can mix and match different metals, shapes and textures. For a dazzling touch add a diamond bracelet.

Diamond Bracelets

Different types of stack:

The Casual Stack

A selection of different styles and widths from enamel bracelets makes this stack the perfect one for a Sunday brunch or chill stay-in day. You can wear the bracelets on both wrists and combine them with a simple look: a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt.

The BFF Stack

Do you remember when you were young and used to have matching necklaces with your best friend? Well if you were thinking about bringing that trend to present this stacking technique is perfect for you.  Look for friendship bracelets with a luxury twist, maybe a colorful silk cord with gold details or a full-on-charm bracelet with encrusted diamonds. How should you mix them? Just let your imagination fly!

Diamond Bracelets

The Bangle Stack

This style is perfect for the vintage fanatics since the older and quirkier the bangle, the better the stack will be.  Just mix and match different patterns, widths – the ideal would be to intercalate thick and thins- and materials. The Bangle Stack is ideal to make a simple look stand out, add them to a LBD and you have the perfect look!

Diamond Bangles

Match it with a watch

To start, you will need to choose a watch style. Would you wear it every day? If so, think about your lifestyle and what do you usually wear. You can choose from a leather strap, metal or jewelled links, analogue or electronic, infinite variables are out there!

Now that you have chosen your ideal watch, it is time to match it with a bracelet. You can combine it with an interesting gold cuff or with some delicate chains for an everyday look.

We know jewelry has been fashion best friend and that bracelets are a statement on anyone’s jewelry box, helping us making an outfit stand out.  We have a vast selection of bracelets, from bangles to tennis bracelets, take a look at our collection and find the perfect one for you!