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Coloured Engagement Ring Gemstone Trends

19th January 2023

by Tara W.

Coloured engagement rings have risen in popularity in recent years. They’re fun and unique and can show off your beloved’s personality. If you’re thinking of popping the question, and looking for some inspiration for the perfect engagement ring, look no further than top picks for engagement rings with coloured gemstones.

What colour engagement ring is best?

Choose a coloured gemstone engagement ring based on what you know your partner likes. If they have a flair for vintage inspired clothing, something similarly vintage-inspired might be best such as an emerald or amethyst ring. If they’re into something more contemporary, a black or champagne diamond ring may be the best choice.

Choose the ring based on the colours they wear or surround themselves with – someone who enjoys bright colours might enjoy similar shades, for example. As long as you pick something with their tastes in mind, you can’t go wrong with these lovely engagement rings.

Best aquamarine: Aquamarine Solitaire Ring

Engagement Ring

Aquamarine is a gorgeous stone that ranges from pale blue to blue-green in colour. It’s the birthstone of March babies and makes a lovely, unique engagement ring for those born in the third month or even those who love blue, This aquamarine solitaire ring features a single, beautiful stone with a prong setting, which allows for maximum sparkle, and an intricately designed band that adds to the beauty of the stone.

Best yellow diamond: Yellow side stone engagement ring

Engagement Ring

If you’re in love with someone who fills your life with sunshine, a yellow diamond may just be for them. Yellow diamonds get their colour because of nitrogen that was present during their formation. The more nitrogen, the more vibrant the stone. This ring features a lovely cushion-shaped diamond with waves of smaller white diamonds either side to create a lovely flow of precious gemstones to show her exactly how you feel.

Best pink tourmaline: Pink tourmaline halo ring

Engagement Ring

It’s said that pink tourmaline is a gemstone of love and compassion which is why it makes a wonderful engagement ring to give to your beloved. The beautiful magenta hue of this round-shaped stone is enhanced by the halo of white diamonds surrounding it, offering them wonderful sparkle and brilliance that’ll turn heads.

Best blue topaz: Blue topaz pear-shaped side-stone ring

Engagement Ring

Blue topaz is a beautifully rich blue stone somewhere between the colour of aquamarine and blue sapphire and is thought to bring wisdom to the wearer. This beautifully simplistic topaz ring features a lovely pear-shaped stone in the centre, surrounded on either side by six round diamonds. The prong setting allows plenty of light to shine through the stones, creating a bright sparkle at all times.

Best emerald: Emerald trilogy engagement ring

Emeralds have been loved for centuries and were even rumoured to be the favoured stone of Cleopatra. This ring, with its large centre emerald and two side diamonds is the perfect way to propose to your queen who loves opulence and making a statement.

Best sapphire: Blue Sapphire oval engagement ring

Known for its deep, ocean-blue hue, sapphires are a favoured stone among royalty, being worn both by the late Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton alike. What better way to let this magnificent stone garner the attention it deserves than a prong-setting solitaire sapphire engagement ring?

Best pearl: Pearl and diamond ring

Engagement Ring

The first mentions of pearls can be found in a book from the 5th century and they quickly became treasured for their beauty and rarity. They aren’t gemstones themselves, but they have been used in jewellery for centuries and make beautiful engagement rings in particular. This pearl and diamond engagement ring features a stunning 8mm pearl with two clusters of three diamonds on either side.

Best ruby: Ruby three-stone ring

Coveted for their blood-red hue, rubies are a unique and eye-catching gemstone to feature in any engagement ring. They are chemically the same as sapphires, but where sapphires can come in an entire rainbow of colours, rubies are only red. They represent good fortune and are thought to bring love and passion to those who wear them. The deep red of the centre, oval ruby of this engagement is set either side with two diamonds for some extra luxury.

Best tanzanite: Tanzanite and diamond side-stone ring

Engagement Ring

The perfect mix of blue and violet, tanzanite offers a rich and unusual colour for an engagement ring. First discovered in Tanzania, these gems are thought to represent intellect and dignity, both qualities your future wife will carry with her through your marriage. Pop the question with this engagement ring featuring a large tanzanite in the centre, surrounded on each side by two diamonds – the perfect head-turning ring.

Best black diamond: Black diamond halo ring

Engagement Ring

Diamonds can be found in all colours of the rainbow and that includes shades of black. They are bold and striking stones thought to bring the wearer charisma and passion, both valued qualities to bring to any marriage. Surrounded by a halo of white diamonds, this black diamond ring makes a stunning and unique proposal.

Best amethyst: Amethyst vintage ring

Engagement Ring

Who doesn’t love amethysts? Their beautiful purple colour has been coveted for centuries and was favoured by the Ancient Greeks as a way to prevent drunkenness (the name amethyst comes from the Greek words for “not intoxicate”). Now, it is thought to bring the wearer calmness and wisdom. This eye-catching amethyst engagement ring is ideal for those who love vintage inspired jewellery and turning heads. The central oval amethyst takes centre-stage while the accompanying round diamonds frame the stone beautifully, catching the light and the eye with every movement.

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