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Top Tips to Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

2nd March 2020

by Tara W.

Diamond Ring

For most, diamond size is important, especially when it comes to engagement rings. As the centrepiece of your jewelry design, the size of the diamond tends to be the first thing that other people notice - that is why most people want a gem that looks impressive. Of course, the size of the diamond shouldn’t be your only concern when you are searching for an impressive piece of diamond jewelry as you will want to look at the overall quality too. If you are on a tight budget or simply wondering how to make your chosen diamond appear bigger - read on for our top tips.

Choose a slim engagement ring band

As you would expect, a thick band makes any given diamond appear smaller than it is, so if you’d like your diamond to appear larger you may wish to choose a thin band. Not only is a thin band very fashionable at the moment, it accentuates the size of the diamond that you’ve chosen.

Consider a fancy diamond shape 

Fancy Shape Diamond Ring

You may not know this but round diamonds, although the most popular diamond shape, are the most expensive due to the amount of waste that is required to cut them and the expertise it takes to cut them. Therefore, if you are looking for a larger diamond for your budget you may wish to consider a fancy cut such as a pear or oval shape. Not only do these shapes naturally make your diamond appear bigger as their surface size is larger than a round diamond of the same weight, you can also opt for a larger carat weight as they cost less than the popular round shape.  

Select a setting with slim prongs

As a general rule a diamond that is more exposed will always appear larger than a diamond that is covered or surrounded by metal. So, following this rule, if you want your diamond to appear larger you shouldn’t choose a bezel setting or one with thick prongs. A setting with four slim prongs may be the best option for you to maximise your gem.

Opt for a white gold setting

Opting for a white gold setting will automatically create the illusion that your stone is bigger. The brightness of the white gold metal has the same effect that adding lots of mirrors to a small room does. We recommend choosing 18k white gold as it is the shiniest and brightest precious metal of them all.

Choose a halo setting

Halo Setting Diamond Ring

This is a well-known trick that most jewelers will recommend if their client is looking for a large stone with a smaller budget. Selecting a halo setting gives the illusion of a larger stone as the central stone is surrounded by a ‘halo’ of intricate diamonds. A halo setting is the easiest way to make your chosen diamond appear bigger and is guaranteed to pack plenty of sparkle.

Select the best cut for your diamond 

You may not know this but skimping on the cut quality for your diamond could actually mean that it will appear smaller. Cut is actually very important as it determines how sparkly your diamond will be. A stone that is cut well will reflect the light off the internal surfaces back to your eyes - because of this we recommend choosing the best cut grade for your diamond. 

Keep your diamond clean

Clean Your Diamonds

This is a pretty simple step that you should follow anyway to ensure that your jewelry always looks its best. Keeping your diamond clean can make it appear larger, as a diamond that sparkles more gives the illusion of being bigger than one that lacks lustre. If you aren’t sure how to clean your diamond simply visit our section on how to care for your jewelry.