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Victoria Beckham’s Engagement Ring Collection

30th July 2019

by Tara W.

Victoria and David Beckham are one of the most influential and long-lasting celebrity couples so it is no surprise that their anniversary gifts are extra sparkling. They have been together for 20 years and on almost each one of those David gifted Victoria with a ring. Of course, not any ring but a diamond ring.
We made a list with all her 14 diamond rings, so keep on reading to see them.

1998 - The Engagement Ring
David Beckham chose a delicate three-carat marquise-cut diamond set on a plain yellow band to propose to Victoria in 1998. The beauty of this cut is that it visually elongates the fingers and grants elegance to the classic solitaire style. This ring reportedly cost around £65,000.
Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring
2001 – The Eternity Band
After the wedding, Victoria stopped wearing her marquise-cut diamond ring and started wearing a platinum set eternity band. This was going to be her ring of choice for 18 months.

Platinum Eternity Band

2003 – The Emerald-cut Ring
2003 is when the tradition started. The Emerald-cut diamond with side baguettes set on a platinum band was also a major upgrade and it is one of the most extravagant of her engagement rings’ collection. This stunning ring reportedly cost around £1.2 million.
Emerald Cut Engagement Ring
2004 – The Champagne Pink Diamond
Unlike previous years, this ring wasn’t to celebrate a wedding anniversary but to celebrate Victoria’s 30th birthday. For this occasion, David chose a delicate pink champagne oval-cut diamond ring in a halo setting. The ring reportedly cost £1 million.
Oval Cut Diamond Rings
2005 – The 17-Carat Diamond Ring
Featuring a 17-carat pear-cut set on a diamond pavé band, this ring is the biggest of all 14! It is also one of her favourites since she still regularly wears it. This ring reportedly cost £2 million.

Diamond Ring Pave Setting
2006 – The Yellow Diamond
For her sixth engagement ring, David Beckham chose a yellow emerald-cut diamond set on a yellow gold pave band. She usually wears it with two-eternity bands to flank it.
yellow emerald-cut diamond Ring

2007 - The Emerald
It’s not always diamonds! For her seventh engagement ring, Victoria received a huge cushion-cut emerald sitting inside a diamond spiral. This ring reportedly cost £700,000.

Cushion Cut Emerald Diamond Ring

2008 - The Bigger Emerald-cut Ring

This ring is quite similar to her 2003 Emerald-cut ring but much bigger. Featuring a centre 15-carat Emerald-cut diamond set on a pave band, this ring was reportedly worth £1.65 million.

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

2009 – The Ruby
For her ninth engagement ring, Victoria was gifted an oval-cut ruby mounted in a white-diamond setting. She might be a fan of black but she doesn’t mind a pop of color in her jewelry.

Ruby Engagement Ring

2010 – The Sapphire          
Continuing with the gemstone style, David chose an oval-cut sapphire set on a skinny pave band. With this last addition, she completed her precious gemstones collection!

Sapphire Engagement Rings

2011 – The Pink Diamond
For her eleventh engagement ring, Victoria received a beautiful and feminine oval-cut pink diamond set on yellow gold pave band. 
Oval Cut Pink Diamond Ring
2015 – The Moonstone
One of the most unexpected rings was her twelfth engagement ring, which featured a moonstone and cost £10,000.

Moon Stone Engagement Ring
2016 – The Square-cut Diamond
Going back to her first love, David gifted Victoria an elegant square-cut diamond set on a platinum pave band.
Square Cut Diamond Ring

2018 – The Yellow Diamond II

Quite similar to her last one, this ring features a square-cut yellow diamond set on a pave band.
Square Cut Diamond Ring

What style do you think she should get for her fifteenth engagement ring? Let us know!