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What is the Best Setting for an Engagement Ring?

10th February 2020

by Tara W.

Best Engagement Ring Setting

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to choosing an engagement ring setting, from your loved one’s personal style and taste to the amount of activity they do while wearing their ring. There are also a variety of settings to choose from, let’s uncover what each of these are first.

What is a pronged setting?

One of the most common engagement ring settings, pronged designs hold a single diamond in place with thin pieces of metal that clasp around each corner. It is one of the most delicate and elegant setting styles, ideal for those looking for a classic solitaire engagement ring.

What is a bezel setting?

A bezel setting is where the metal circles and encases the entire diamond in order to keep it in place. This type of setting is considered one of the most secure setting types and is a great choice for those who are particularly accident-prone.

What is a bar setting?

Similar to the pavé style, a bar setting however features raised metal between each diamond – making the engagement rings that use this setting more affordable as smaller stones can be used to create the same effect.

What is a pavé setting?  

Pavé settings are more commonly seen on eternity rings but make beautiful engagement rings too. This setting features a row of diamonds set tightly next to one another. This setting is a good choice for those who like glitz and glamour and like to go against tradition.

What is a tension setting?

The metal in a tension setting is used to keep the stone in place, with the pressure gripping it. It’s an uncommon setting type, so one best reserved for those who like more unusual jewellery styles.

What is an illusion setting?

This setting cleverly takes smaller diamonds – usually princess cut diamonds – and sets them next to each other to make it look like there is actually just one large diamond there. It’s great for those on a lower budget who want a ring with wow-factor.

Here are the engagement ring styles we recommend according to your partner’s lifestyle.

Not too active 

If your loved one doesn’t necessarily lead an active lifestyle or work with their hands then you have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to choosing the perfect ring for them. You may wish to consider their hobbies, do they enjoy cooking or gardening? Are they accident prone? Assuming that they are none of the above, you may wish to choose an elaborate vintage-inspired design, a larger centre diamond that is set high for maximum sparkle or a delicate side stone ring.

Some of our favourites:

Engagement Rings For Not too Active Persons

Fairly active 

If your loved one is fairly active, maybe they go to the gym or have hobbies that require them working with their hands, then you may wish to opt for a classic style that is low maintenance. Simpler styles are easier to keep clean (more detailing can trap dirt!) and are usually less prone to damage. Opt for a solitaire, low set halo or a contemporary trilogy ring, for a style that is equally impressive as it is easy to maintain. 

Some of our favourites:

Engagement Rings For Fairly Active Persons

Very active 

If your significant other leads a very active lifestyle, perhaps they are an avid traveller, exercise daily or they are just extremely accident-prone, then you may be concerned about their engagement ring getting lost or damaged. Whilst we would always advise you to get your jewellery insured in case it gets lost or stolen, we think that selecting a ring design to suit their on-the-go lifestyle is the first step to ensure it withstands everyday wear and tear.

Some of our favourites:

Engagement Rings For Very Active Persons

Those with allergies

Did you know that platinum is a hypoallergenic metal? Choosing platinum for your loved one’s engagement ring not only provides a durable and timeless finish, it is also a great choice for those with sensitive skin.

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be a bit daunting at first. You will, of course, want to impress your loved one with their dream ring. Don’t worry if the ring they are wishing for doesn’t match their lifestyle - it just means they will need to remember to take it off and store it safely before participating in activities. 

We always recommend looking after your jewellery, check out our jewellery care guide for further advice, and to take out jewellery insurance.