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Most commonly confused with cut, diamond shape refers to the shape in which it has been cut into and influences the complete look and feel of a given design. Choosing the shape of the diamond should be based on personal preference, although it is good to note there are some advantages to certain shapes.

Top Tips

To help you choose the perfect diamond Shape, we have collated a few top tips

It is important to select the shape of the diamond based on your personal preferences as this has an overriding effect on the look of the design. Most have a shape in mind before beginning their search, while others may consider shapes which they deem most flattering.

The round diamond is deemed the most popular, possibly due to its timeless appeal and tendency to generate more of sparkle when compared to other shapes.

Round diamonds are typically more expensive when compared to fancy shape diamonds, as they have more facets which result in more wastage when cutting - making them more costly.


A Selection Of Diamond Shapes Include:

Round Brilliant

The most popular shape due to its timeless appeal. The Round diamond tends to generate the highest amount of sparkle due to its large number of facets.


A square shaped diamond which is thought to have grown vastly in popularity due to it being both brilliant and unique.


Originally commissioned by Louis XIV of France, the Marquise shape boasts regal appeal and is perfect for those looking to maximize carat weight.


With its pavillion cut in rectangular facets to create an elegant finish, the Emerald diamond shape is truly unique.


Featuring a rounded edge and single point, this popular and elegant shape is also known as the ‘Teardrop’.


The ultimate symbol of love and adoration, the Heart shape is perfect for the romantics amongst us.


Perfectly proportioned and unique, the Oval shape diamond also has a brilliance which is similar to that of the Round diamond.


The Radiant combines both the elegant and classic appeal of the Emerald with the simplicity of the Round.


A square version of the Emerald, the Asscher is truly unique and features a pavillion cut into rectangular facets.


Featuring rounded corners and large facets to increase brilliance, this shape has been a favorite for more than a century.