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Gemstone Buying Guide

Gemstone jewellery is a beautiful option for anyone looking for something a bit different. We have emerald, rubies, sapphires and yellow diamond jewellery for you to pick from. Add a pop of colour to your outfit by choosing our gemstone jewellery. Shop our gorgeous range online today and find the perfect gift whether it's for friends, family or yourself.

The 3 C’s of Gemstones




Gemstone Jewellery Shapes

Types of Gemstone Jewellery

Gemstone Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for an engagement ring as unique as your love, our gemstone engagement rings are a perfect choice. From emerald and sapphire to ruby and even black or yellow diamond, you’ll easily find something different that your partner will cherish for the rest of your lives together.

Gemstone Diamond Rings

Ideal for birthday or anniversary gifts, gemstone rings are designed to impress. Choose a stunning birthstone gemstone ring, such as ruby, topaz, amethyst, peridot, sapphire and more, or a beautiful fancy-coloured diamond.

Gemstone Pendants

You’re spoilt for choice with our selection of stunning gemstone pendants. From vintage-inspired halos or timeless solitaires, we have a style to suit every preference, all adorned with beautiful gemstones such as yellow diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and more.

Gemstone Earrings

Whether you’re looking for studs, hoops or drop earrings for everyday wear or a special occasion, we have a wide range of beautiful gemstone earrings to suit every style, from sparkling sapphires to elegant emeralds.

Gemstone engagement rings are the perfect choice for your partner who loves a colourful stone.

Add a personal touch to your ring, with our gemstone diamond rings. A pop of colour that will suit any style.

Gemstone earrings make a beautiful addition for any outfit. You can also pair them with a gemstone necklace.

Choose from our gorgeous range of gemstone pendants. From sapphires to rubies, there are plenty to pick from.

Make your bracelet eye-catching by choosing a gemstone bracelet. It will also make a thoughtful gift.


Buy Gemstone Jewellery with Diamonds Factory

Buying gemstone jewellery, either for yourself or someone else, can sometimes feel a little overwhelming with so much to consider. If you have any queries or need a bit of extra help from a jewellery expert, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us by emailing, calling or even making an appointment to visit one of our showrooms.


Most gemstones are formed as minerals in the rocks of the earth’s crust, approximately 3-25 miles under the surface. These rocks are known as igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary, and each type creates different crystals, which, after very high pressures and temperatures, grow into the gemstones we see today. These gems are then mined from the earth and enhanced to bring you beautiful jewellery.

Gemstone jewellery instantly elevates any look. Adding sophistication while allowing you to express your individual style, gemstone jewellery is the perfect way to make a statement or achieve a subtle yet glamorous look. Most gemstones are also extremely durable, making them suitable for everyday wear, and can be passed down through generations as a sentimental piece of jewellery.

To ensure your gemstone jewellery retains its sparkle for as long as possible, you should take proper care and clean the pieces regularly. Here are some quick tips on how to look after your gemstone jewellery:

  1. Always remove jewellery before taking a bath or shower, so soap and other products don’t build up.
  2. Remove jewellery when applying creams or perfumes.
  3. Don’t wear gemstone jewellery while gardening, exercising or cleaning.
  4. Use a soft toothbrush and warm water to clean your jewellery.
  5. Take out jewellery insurance in case your gemstone jewellery gets lost, stolen or damaged.