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White Gold

Out of all the different types of gold, white gold jewelry is timeless, elegant and can be incorporated into any style. It is considered to be the most popular gold color, now chosen more often than traditional yellow gold. White gold can easily be worn with silver jewelry, as the shades complement one another, although it is recommended you do not mix the metals – this is to ensure the gold is not scratched or damaged by the harder, silver jewelry material.

What is white gold?

White gold is created by mixing pure gold with a white metal, such as magnesium, silver or palladium to create its signature sophisticated coloring. This gold color is never totally white, but usually a shade of off white or even cream, making it the perfect setting for colored precious stones.

White Gold is essentially Yellow Gold that has been mixed with other metal to whiten it, but it does not become completely white, it remains off white or cream white. It is often plated with rhodium, which in time wears off so regular re-plating is often required to maintain its whiteness.

This color is available in a variety of carats, but 9kt is most commonly used to ensure durable and stunning pieces of jewelry are created, which can be worn every day.

Looking after your gold jewelry:

  • Ensure you wear your jewelry separate from other pieces, to avoid damaging them as they may rub together.
  • Remove white gold jewelry when working with harsh chemicals or completing rough tasks.
  • Clean your jewelry regularly, to avoid dirt building up and dulling its shine.
  • Check precious stone settings and clasps regularly for signs of damage and have these repaired straight away to avoid losing your jewelry or their embellishments.

Need help?

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