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Bespoke Engagement Rings

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Create a bespoke engagement ring

Handcrafted and designed with the utmost care, bespoke engagement rings are the ultimate symbol of love. When you design your engagement ring, you’re interwining your partner’s personality into jewelry, creating a piece that represents them and your relationship.

The Diamonds Factory bespoke jewelry service is straightforward and simple, yet our experts pay incredible attention to detail. They strive to bring your design to life, making sure you’re well informed every step of the way.

What is a bespoke engagement ring?

A bespoke engagement ring is one that is created specifically for a customer, typically using their design or ideas. Rather than purchasing a read-made ring, some prefer bespoke engagement rings as they are designed and created for that individual alone.

Designing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Our service allows you to design your engagement ring completely, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece that is made to be treasured forever. The first step is to contact us with some ideas surrounding your design, including your ideal carat weight and ring size. This allows us to truly personalise your design, showing you how it would look once completed via sketched diagrams.

If you apply online, we request that you include some images that inspire you, whether they be pictures of ready-made rings or sketches of your design. Following this, we’ll work with you to ensure we know exactly what you want and then create a bespoke ring design. Our team of experts will send you a CAD design of the ring so you can see how it looks. You’re free to request adjustments and amends following this. Once you’ve accepted the plan, you’ll receive a quote based entirely on your design and budget.

Finally, our jewelers will handcraft your unique engagement ring, sourcing the diamonds based on your requirements. You can expect to receive the ring within three weeks from your confirmation, giving you plenty of time to plan the perfect proposal in the meantime.

Designing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Some of the elements you should consider before contacting us include:


Many people think about the look of the diamond, but what about how it’s held and set onto the ring? There are a multitude of options, all of which can change the look and feel of your ring drastically.

Pronged settings, for example, feature thin pins of metal clasped around each corner of the diamond, resulting in a delicate-yet-sturdy engagement ring.

A bezel setting, on the other hand, is where the diamond is encased in a metal band and can be surrounded by smaller diamonds.

While these are the most popular choices, there are a variety of choices, all of which have been detailed here.


There are a few different things when it comes to the stone of your diamond ring. The cut is an extremely important element, as this is the main focus point of an engagement ring.

There are a number of engagement ring cuts to choose from, including:

Once you’ve chosen the shape of the diamond, consider the clarity, color and carat. If you’re unsure as to what these terms mean or how they’ll affect your bespoke engagement ring, we’re happy to discuss these options with you.

  • PEAR
  • OVAL

The metal of your band can have a significant effect on both the price and look of the engagement ring. Choose between white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum, all of which are available in different karats (apart from the latter). It may seem like an obvious choice, but consider what jewelry your partner currently wears, as well as what the metal portrays. Platinum, for example, is a timelessly elegant choice whereas rose gold offers a modern romantic hue.

How to budget for bespoke jewelry?

The price of our bespoke engagement rings vary, depending largely on the design brief and chosen elements, such as the quality of diamond used.

However, we’ve built a handy engagement ring calculator to give you an idea as to how much you should budget. This estimation is based on your annual take-home salary, current monthly finances and how many months are left until you propose. It also provides more information about the average cost of an engagement ring and tips on saving.

How to budget for bespoke jewelry

Most popular engagement ring types

While you shouldn’t worry about following trends when planning your one-of-a-kind ring, it’s wise to have a look at other options to get inspiration. A round solitaire engagement ring consists of a single circular diamond and is an excellent choice for those who want a beautifully timeless piece. Another popular choice of ours is the heart halo diamond engagement ring, which features a contemporary heart-shaped diamond framed by smaller diamonds. This is a choice for a modern romantic and is sure to win the heart of whoever receives it.

The great thing about getting a bespoke engagement ring is that you can tailor any of these options to match your preferences perfectly. You can combine elements of several designs, resulting in something utterly unique. Whether you opt for a dazzling cluster ring or a graceful emerald cut, our team of jewelry designers will strive to create your dream engagement ring.

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Cluster engagement rings
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