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Our Story


It started with a simple moment of awareness: Designer jewelery is extremely expensive. Okay, that’s not a huge revelation. You already knew that. But guess what? It’s not due to the cost of materials. Or the cost of production.

So why is the cost so high? Well, many designer brands follow a long-established approach, where steep profit margins are applied – often marked up by a factor upto 10. Plus, in most cases the products are bought from factories, where fair pay and working conditions often take a back seat to profit.

There’s no malicious intent. It’s just the way things have been done for decades. But in the end, who bears the high cost? You. The craftspeople. Their communities. And the planet.

Once conscious of these facts, we couldn’t look back. That’s why we set out to find a solution that works for all. That’s why we started SACET.

We believe that buying designer jewelery should be a truly beautiful experience. One that enables you to revel in looking good, doing good and feeling good. Some called us brave. Some called us naive. Regardless, we set out on our mission: to move the jewelery industry towards a more sustainable approach, focused on three things: People. Planet. Profit. Yes, in that order!

We aim to transform the designer jewelery industry in three beautifully simple ways: